About Us

Farm to Fork Alcona...

...is a multi-phase initiative to make Alcona County home to the farm-to-fork movement.  We want to energize the economy and health of our community by focusing on what Alcona truly is:  a quiet, peaceful backdrop for farming, fishing, hunting and being in the great outdoors.  

We are located on the unspoiled shores of Lake Huron in northeast Michigan, the Sunrise Side.

Our vision...

...is to create a prosperous and healthy rural community.  We want new and growing agri-businesses to seek out our naturally beautiful and tranquil settings.  We want to inspire visitors, business, and new residents to seek out the wonderful community of Alcona.

Our mission...

...is to make Alcona County a desired locavore and foodie destination

501(c)3 Status

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Farm To Fork Alcona

PO Box 506 Lincoln, MI 48742

(989) 335-1402